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Aaron Tinsley | About Me

Technology Connoisseur.  Leader by Example.  Committed to Improvement.  

I’ve been passionate about technology ever since I was a child.  My tech journey began on a boring beige box which could boot into either Windows 3.11 or DOS, and I took full advantage of both.  My original motivation was to play Monopoly in Windows and Oregon Trail in DOS, but my interests quickly diversified.  I began experimenting with games written in QBASIC to modify their source code and see what kind of changes I could make to the game.

My mind has always driven me to understand how something works.  Throughout the years, I have taken apart VCRs, decompiled Android apps, snooped on TCP traffic, and analyzed communications traces in a constant quest to understand the functions of the technologies around me.

My lifelong quest for understanding has led to a very successful career as a healthcare IT analyst.  The years I spent trying to understand low level TCP and UDP communications have enabled me to quickly understand healthcare communication protocols such as HL7, ASTM, and FHIR.

GTD Believer.  Todoist Grand Master.

We’re living in a more chaotic world than ever.  As healthcare IT professionals, we need to manage a number of inputs which could easily derail our plan for the day.  Emails, phone calls, instant messages, and in-person conversations all threaten to scuttle our daily to-do lists and force us into a never-ending firefight.  How is a modern professional supposed to achieve sustained excellence and push key projects forward on a daily basis?

The answer is by designing and adhering to systems which allow us to maintain control over our lives.  We need to evaluate each input with the “do, defer, or delegate” mindset taught by David Allen as part of the Getting Things Done system.  By organizing our lives into projects and making sure we’ve defined a “next” action for each, we are able to constantly push forward despite the chaos of modern life.  This system allows for continuous improvement and allows us to end each day as a slightly better version of ourselves.

Healthcare Certifications + Training

Cloverleaf Integration Engine – Basic Implementation

Epic – Beaker Anatomic Pathology (Certified)
Epic – Beaker Clinical Pathology (Proficient w/ Honors)
Epic – Order Transmittal (Proficient w/ Honors)
Epic – Bridges (Proficient w/ Honors)

Data Innovations – Instrument Manager Basics
Data Innovations – Rules Training

IT Certifications

CompTIA A+
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Security+
CompTIA Linux+
CompTIA Project+

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
Cisco Certified Network Associate – Routing and Switching
Cisco Certified Network Associate – Security

Linux Professional Institute – LPIC-1