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DIY Home Automation


Raspberry Pi
Above photo of Raspberry Pi by GijsbertPeijs / Foter / CC BY

DIY Home Automation is a real passion of mine, and I’m proud of my achievements in the area.  I began getting into home automation at a time when “off-the-shelf” hardware and software weren’t exactly known for their user friendliness or reliability. (In some ways, they still aren’t!)

I’ve built a custom but reliable stack of hardware and software with pieces originating from both the commercial and FOSS sectors to control my home. I’ve relied heavily on my experience in systems integration to integrate software such as OpenHAB, Eventghost , and Tasker with hardware such as Raspberry Pi, Spark Core and Photon, and Veralite.

During this journey, I’ve advanced my knowledge a great deal. I’ve learned even more about systems integration using low-overhead messaging protocols like MQTT. I’ve used specialized sensors such as the DS18B20 with microcontrollers like the Arduino Uno and Spark Core to wirelessly transmit environmental to a central source where it can be monitored and recorded. I’ve come a long way, but I still plan to go a lot further!

For more information on my projects involving DIY home automation, please check out the Home Automation category of my blog!